Denver Zoo Adventure Round 2

Our trip to the Denver Zoo will be more successful today. Today just feels like a better day. It could be I have been emboldened by the cup of Dark Magic coffee sitting in front of me. My bold change to yogurt and granola for breakfast everyday (except some Saturday/Sunday pancakes) has been a success. Breakfast was a real problem point within my diet. I was not making smart choices. The obstacles related to making poor breakfast choices were removed. Everyday a cup of granola goes into a bowl and a cup of yogurt covers it. I mix up the yogurt flavors, but it is pretty repetitive. When I’m traveling I try to locate an Einstein Bro’s Bagel store. That search usually culminates in the acquisition of a power protein bagel with some type of schmear.

My Starbucks card did not automatically reload yesterday. That has not happened before. I ended up having to trigger the reload manually. The grocery store near the house has a Starbucks in the store. That scenario provides the perfect opportunity for a doppio espresso.

Joni and John Paul at the Zoo
Joni and John Paul at the Zoo

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