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Today might end up being a little bit more tactical than strategic to be sure. At the moment, the only thing that comes to mind during this writing session is my new breakfast and lunch meal plan. Yesterday was the first day of my switch from Soylent to Huel as a meal replacement method. I bought bags of banana, strawberry, and chocolate flavored Huel meal replacement products. So far I have only tried the banana one and it was passable. They are made with pea protein which seems interesting. Based on what the package says I should be able to eat it for breakfast for 17 straight days to get a sense of how the product works out for me in my daily routine. Outside of that change, moving to give up on soda again is a renewed focus. Giving up on soda is really just a function of not buying any soda and brewing green tea instead. That is an easy life change to make and it seemed to be a pretty solid one. 

Whoa, I got really focused on that last paragraph. I had to take a little detour and watch the “Ghostbusters: Afterlife Official Trailer 2” trailer that was just released. I have to admit it would have probably been better as a 10 part series vs. a Thanksgiving weekend movie release. For better or worse these extensions (derivations) of previously produced work tend to be better suited for a slightly longer form storytelling experience. A few deep breaths and some focus on engaging in a pure stream of consciousness style writing might help push things forward. Sometimes when you clear your mind with a few deep breaths and focus on the present that zero space begins to exist and things don’t move forward or backward for that matter. In those moments before action occurs a lot of different things could happen. Having enough time to really think deeply about things and review the nature of things as they move forward is all a part of the adventure.

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