Verismo Espresso Revisited

It was a solid purchase. My new Verismo 600 Brewer makes perfectly acceptable espresso. I even went out and purchased a tiny little espresso cup with the Starbucks brand on the front. It all started with an online sale. The reason for the sale is not entirely clear, but it worked out in my favor. The Starbucks online store has been reducing the price of the Verismo 600 Brewer. That device is fully capable of making espresso from tiny little coffee pods.

I have watched a few online videos showing how to make refills for the system, but that has not happened yet. For the most part, I have been very happy with the espresso making capabilities of the system. Honestly, and without hesitation I can say unequivocally — I will never buy any of the Verismo coffee cup pods for the device again. The espresso pods seem to be worth it. One pod makes strong enough espresso with two runs at the one shot setting.

I needed a few shots of espresso yesterday. John Paul’s fourth birthday party was a little intense. This was the first year that we had invited the entire class over to celebrate. Around 20 four-year-old wildlings descended on our formerly clean household. We had various activity stations setup. We had soccer outside, Avenger mask making, cupcake decoration, and a coloring table. For late January in Denver, Colorado the weather turned out to be highly cooperative. Outside activities were possible. It did not snow until after the sun set. Everything turned out ok during the birthday party event. John Paul had a great time. People generally seemed happy. Four year olds still take naps so you have to walk a fine line as nap time approaches.

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