Sunday writing and donuts

Yesterday during the course of looking around the WordPress/Jetpack settings, I switched out some of the ordering on my WordPress widgets. Now on the right side of the page the recent posts are showing up at the top even on the home page. That is a new change in direction given the previous deprotization of weblog posts on 2/19/2021. Now I’m about to hit a new 10 day WordPress publishing streak of weblog posts. That little bit of content had to wait until after donuts were procured. I was going to set the featured image to a quality close up shot of my donuts, but one of them is now gone forever. A solution to this problem became apparent. I grabbed a different donut from the box for a brief photography session using the Night Sight feature on my Google Pixel 5 smartphone. Two photos were taken and one was much better than the other in terms of where the image focus selection centered. The Twitter thread feature will probably grab that donut image and feature it. 

During my review of all the settings on WordPress and Jetpack I learned a little bit more about weblogs, but for the most part nothing had really changed. Part of getting back into the swing of daily weblog posting is about being curious and thinking about things in a deeper way. Part of that process involves digging into things that are just a part of my daily journey. Sometimes you just have to look at things a little bit differently and that little change in perspective can help make that happen. My thoughts at the moment are a little more reserved for some reason. I’m really taking a tactical approach to writing at the moment. In the last twenty minutes or so I have written about writing, weblog settings, donuts, and perspective and the day has not even really started. That is not a bad start to the day, but it still feels like something better is on the horizon. I’m hunting for the perfect possible future and these two paragraphs are not emblematic of that. 

Both of the donuts are now gone; they were consumed with near reckless abandon. Two shots of espresso were slowly followed by a cup of coffee. This should be the moment when words flow onto the screen. Instead my thoughts are wondering from the task at hand to where I could buy Dune (Arrakis/Rakis) spice coffee mixes. I found a few recipes to make my own, but no professionally packaged mixes for my future cups of coffee. Maybe with the new movie coming out at some point they will make an officially licensed spice mix for coffee. I’m not sure they could compel me to buy an instant coffee mix, but something that was added to coffee from a shaker would be welcomed. That is oddly specific, but that is how it goes in terms of my thoughts on the subject at the moment. Maybe in an hour or so I’ll try to write something with a higher intellectual density.

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