Ready for a Saturday

Yesterday was one of those days that inspired me to spin up a clear vinyl reissue of a classic Rolling Stones album. My vinyl record collection has been growing at a rate of about a record a month. That seems to be reasonable.

Today we may very well end up going to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. John Paul seems to enjoy running amuck at the museum. We might even get some popcorn during an airplane themed IMAX.

The folks over at Keurig need to learn to engineer a better brewing system. About a month ago, I upgraded our original Keurig system to the new 2.0 K560 system. For some reason the needle at the top gets full of coffee grounds about every 2 weeks. Keurig must be aware of this design flaw. They sent a small water bulb tool kit with the system that helps remove coffee ground blockage. You would think that any decent testing plan for the unit would have uncovered this engineering consideration.

My goal for the day was pretty straight forward. My goal was to enjoy the day without working. Today was going to be a day of rest. This is the happiest time of the year for basketball fans. It is a time of national hope for college basketball fans. Those fans think that this could be the year. Brackets will be announced for the NCAA tournament this weekend. It has become a major event.

I watched every Big 12 tournament University of Kansas basketball game this year. Some of them live and part of them via DVR. Watching the games was truly enjoyable. That is something to be thankful for.

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