Coffee on the Road

A couple hours today were spent on the road. I was able to transverse the City of Denver and make my way to Greeley. This morning my commute included facing a truly winter mix. That happens in Colorado. The phrase “Wintery Mix” did not mean very much to me before today. It was not really snowing or ice. A combination of sleet and fog slowed down traffic to a crawl. The weather conditions definitely extended my morning commute. I did provide me with the opportunity to listen to some Sirius XM satellite radio. My station of choice for the drive was something called Octane. That station always seems to help keep me awake.

At the end of the first leg of my road trip some coffee was acquired. That acquisition was probably the best decision that was made today. I ended up at a Starbucks. They had a new coffee on the shelf that looked promising. I tried the single source Starbucks Guatemala Casi Cielo coffee today. As a blend it really does have hints of lemon and dark cocoa. It was pretty fantastic. I was pretty happy with the 2014 Christmas Blend coffee. The Guatemala Casi Cielo is decent, but not as good as the Christmas blend.

Every day the espresso shots seem to remain the same. The flavor does not really very day to day from different Starbucks locations. Not only am I willing to accept the same type of espresso every day, but also I am keenly aware of my search for the perfect blend. For better or worse the search continues. Perhaps during the course of 2015, the perfect cup of coffee will be discovered.

A cup of Guatemala Casi Cielo coffee was brewed during the University of Kansas vs. Baylor University basketball game tonight. Even a great cup of coffee could not offset an 18 point first half in a college basketball game.

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