Today is a planned day of rest and thanksgiving

Today started off with two shots of espresso from my Nespresso Expert machine. It is featured in the thumbnail today. Turning the photo to black and white made it look a little more professional. I used some filter called Eiffel within Google Photos. Overall, the filters seem to work really well. My Google Pixel 3 XL generally does take great photos. We have been looking for a new mirrorless digital camera, but they have such strange price points. A lot of them will probably be on sale today or tomorrow. This week seems to be the peak of sales season online.  

The thing that got me thinking about photos again was my Google Home Hub. That tiny little screen and speaker might not do anything extraordinary, but it does work as a great little picture frame. It has been showing pictures from my family album and some of the throwbacks are pretty fun to see. We rarely look at archived photos. Over the last two years, I have purchased a couple of picture books for people and we have 3 of them in the house. That probably showcases about 300 of the 15,000+ photos that are archived.  

Today I’m planning on relaxing and engaging in some thanksgiving. Working on appreciating and being thankful for things seems like a good way to spend some time today. Outside of that goal I’m planning on watching a movie today. Tickets have already been purchased for a movie called, “Ralph breaks the internet.” That is the big adventure for the day a little bit of entertainment and a whole lot of working on being thankful for things. If that does not work, then I’m going to spin up some classic Warren Zevon records and work on relaxing. That is the order of operations for the day and we will see how it ends up going. Starting Friday, I’m going to start digging into my digital sandbox and working on crafting something new and interesting. 

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