The Quadrants of Doing

Over the last few months I have started using a new tool to be a better reflective practitioner. The tool is as simple as drawing evenly intersecting vertical and horizontal lines. The four quadrants include a daily reflection on what I should keep doing, stop doing, need to do, and what is taking up the most time. This simple exercise has helped me reflect on the totality of my daily efforts. I thought it would be worth sharing. It will probably evolve a little bit over time, but this is where it currently stands.

Keep doing: It is worth a few moments of reflection to think about the things that are working well. Those are the things that you should keep doing.

Stop doing: Instead of keeping a stop doing list I find it easier to think about the things that are not working well and how to stop doing them. You have to think about what it would take to move something from the stop doing list to the keep doing list.

Need to do: This is the hardest part of the list to maintain. It generally involves things that were put off for some reason. They did not make it into the keep doing or stop doing lists. They are the things that may go completely ignored.

Most time doing: It is very important to figure out what things are taking up the most time. We only have so much time to get things done. Sometimes things from the stop doing list end up consuming more time than they should.

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