On Opportunity

The opportunities we need are everywhere. They happen every day. We make complex choices related to opportunities throughout our lifetimes. Some of those choices are made in the spur of the moment. Other choices we build up to more slowly. Regardless of the speed they are the choices that we make. They are the choices that define our paths. They set the stage for where we are going and what we are going to do. In some ways the opportunities we accept define our routines. They define the very patterns that make up the daily cadence of life. The cadence of work and life happens throughout our routines. We tend to get good or at least consistent at our routines. Quality occurs from precision during a definable and repeatable process. In other words, quality occurring from precisely knowing how to execute definable and repeatable tasks. Our daily routines are rarely exactly the same, but they are similar enough to have a definable cadence. Having quality days and producing quality work are two different concepts. Some folks might argue that quality of life is a key contributor to quality work.

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