30 solid minutes of creativity

Get that egg timer ready to sit down and write for 30 solid minutes. Within that slice of joy the promise of 30 solid minutes of creativity exist. It starts with the tepid spark of a blank canvas and expands with each splashing of creativity. Maybe that was enough to make you want to imagine a world of possibility just on the other side of the possible or maybe a yawn will overcome the will to extinguish procrastion. Some people tend to believe procrastination is inherently the reward of relaxation, but that duality never really made sense to me in practice. The simple act of hammering keys on a keyboard or writing with a fountain pen to me is relaxing. Pracrasition that drives me from that act shuts the door to a certain degree of peace of mind knowing the things worth doing were done.

Today a thought arrived related to writing a manuscript titled, “Power & Consequence.” It has been a few years since I sat down and wrote a purely philosophical weighty tome of thought. Maybe now is as good a time as any to carve out a bit of time and make that happen.

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