These are the times of our fear

Very few things give me enough pause to want to halt and think for a bit. These are the times to give us enough cause to halt and think for a bit. Being reflective right now and thinking about what path we are taking makes perfect sense. Last night I sat down and started looking for a few chapters I had started writing a couple years back on a novel. Most of the time it is self-censorship that blocks me from writing novels. Working in the fiction space is something that always draws my focus and fades quickly. Generally writing every day and producing nonfiction works is easy enough and does not insight any fear or self-censorship. I generally write about whatever draws my attention and the words just flow as they are without much editing or any meaningful revision. We live in the times where the intersection of globalization and pandemic have occurred. This year (2020) will no doubt be remembered for the great shutdown and corresponding quarantines that occurred. With respect to that realization it is hard to question that these are the times of our fear. The world is changing very rapidly. Civil society is facing pressures that are tearing at the norms and conventions that keep the fabric holding us together strong. We the people have commonly worked toward a shared independent journey since 1776. 

Interrupted. School.

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