An upgraded tremolo block

Overall I have been very pleased with the new upgraded brass tremolo block on my guitar. Adding such a heavy block of brass to the tremolo block where the strings attached to the guitar made a huge difference in sustain. A solid chord or a single note will ring for about 30 seconds which is fairly amazing considering all that was added was a block of brass. Maybe playing guitar is my method of daily meditation these days. With the amplifier or just freshly plucked off the rack without amplification I’ll play for a few minutes and then go back to whatever I was doing. It has gotten to the point where I don’t really think about what I’m playing on the guitar. Playing just sort of happens without a ton of effort. That is probably the key to why the whole process resembles a little bit of meditation. Something that has drawn my attention is a degree of contemplation about the change in tone moving from a pot metal block to a pure brass block. The change in sustain and tone overall is evident. You can feel the change in the vibration being passed along to the body to the guitar. You could say the tone is tangible based on feeling the vibration of the entire guitar.   

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