The End of Disruptive Change as a Workplace Sport

My Parker IM rollerball pen has been busy today. Today was a great day for writing. The air was cold and crisp this morning. Weather in Colorado has started to turn colder. Earlier today I started to work on a new research article. Right now the literature review phase is fully underway. The academic article will fall within the general theme of exploring alternatives to engaging in disruptive change within the workplace. Alternative approaches exist to facilitate change. Change can happen in a variety of ways. Some of those ways can be very positive and constructive. I tend to separate research on disruptive social change techniques and disruptive innovation within the workplace. All of my research efforts at the moment are targeting workplace alternatives that help facilitate the end of disruptive (destructive) change. Over the last few years, I have started to take umbrage at the sport of disruptive change in the workplace. Moving beyond change as a sport within the workplace involves rejecting the need for disruptive/destructive innovation for the sake of being disruptive or destructive. It is possible to take action and strive toward positive change without focusing on being disruptive or destructive. Alternatives exist based on investing in people combined with building strong organizational structures, process, and procedures.

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