Summer grading

Grading for the week is done. I stayed on track even with the holiday. Online classes are still an interesting challenge. You want to be engaged with the students, but a lot of barriers exist. After teaching online for a couple years, I have seen good students and bad students. The classroom experience I miss the most is lecturing. Standing up on the front of a classroom and talking for an hour about a subject. I rarely get to spend an hour working on the same thing anymore. Sometimes it is nice to take a step back and consider a subject.

Yesterday I was hyper productive in terms of grading, dropping off my dry cleaning, and getting a haircut. My last haircut was on March 10, 2014. Apparently, I go two to three months between haircuts. I’m trying to figure out the right amount of time between cuts. I’d like to get it scheduled and added to my routine.

My vitamin plan has been working pretty well. The combination of B complex, vitamin C, vitamin D3, and CoQ10 worked. I’m thinking about reducing my vitamin D3 and adding a calcium supplement. That supplement change will probably occur on June.

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