On Comic Books

A professionally grade comic book was purchased last week. Yeah, I know. I’m not sure how it happened. Right now a CGC graded and encapsulated Iron Man #2 from 1968 has a new home. It is resting comfortably on my desk. At some point, it will probably be mounted on the wall. I’m going to treat it like a work of art.


Flashback: Last year I purchased a few Super Dinosaur comic books for John Paul. At the time, the story was overly complex for John Paul (2 year old). Maybe this year will be the year of the comic book for John Paul. I had hoped to start a routine where we visit a comic book store every week. That plan did not materialize. It might at some point this year.

A few years back, I purchased a few Farscape comic books from BOOM! Studios. I really enjoyed the Farscape story that Rockne S. O’Bannon crafted within the television series. A few of the comic books are still in a box in my office. Gradually, I started waiting for the paperback volumes to vs. buying the comic books.


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