On advancing advances

Today I know that only 3 hours of productive time are still possible. That window should be enough to do some meaningful and important things. Each day is full of slices of time where things can get done. Maybe that is what makes our choices every day so important. Part of the challenge I face is staying focused on the problem at hand to drive things to resolution. My focus can get pulled from one thing to another. In the middle of changing focus the thing that was promising gets pushed outside of the window of possible. Within that framework even the best intentions end up faltering in the face of measured outcomes. That is exactly how you end up not advancing the planned advances in that mythical parade of desired output. Kick the can down the road on breaking down that hyperbole at your own parrell. Sometimes you just have to focus on making sure you are advancing all the things that need to be advanced.

One of the things that grabs and holds my attention is always the promise of a perfect possible future. Society in general works toward being better together. Maybe a stronger civil society brings people together in ways that benefit everybody. That is an argument that is easier to make at the start of things than at the end. Right now I’m listening to original music by David Duchovny which always makes me strangely hopeful. That is probably better than browsing the internet to look at potential guitar equipment purchase. It might be better to focus on doing some academic research or writing some code. Reading papers is pretty easy these days. So many of them are being openly published online. Preprints are a great source of rapid access to what people are thinking. The gates have been removed and you can kick the tires on all kinds of ideas within the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

One of the things that I need to focus on improving revolves around making sure to link to articles that catch my idea. Some of them get shared on Twitter as a method of archiving my digital path, but it would be more beneficial if all those links just got shared daily and in some type of more advanced literature review based framework that organizes the links into a consumable order. Strangely enough knowing where to start is often the hardest part of reading all the relevant works on a certain subject. Without question that is about taking the time to consume all the outstanding arguments on a topic. With that foundation in hand you can start to move around and assemble complex arrangements of thoughts to present things in different ways, provide supporting evidence to advance theories, or even challenge things.

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