Day 3 of the Ai4 2020 conference

The content from today was partially pulled together from notes taken throughout yesterday. Writing and adapting from notes is sometimes a little easier than tackling the blank page. That was the case today.  

I’m going to mess around with the product stack later today or maybe this weekend. After watching Sri Ambati talk about democratizing AI yesterday I’m curious about the inference engine they have built out. One of the things that I learned is that I want to spend more time learning about adversarial model testing. 

During the course of the day yesterday I spent about 15 minutes just unsubscribing to emails that I never asked to get in the first place. They just show up in waves full of advertising nonsense. 

One of the things that I realized yesterday during the course of listening to my own pre-recorded session was that it is sort of weird. You cannot change anything along the way. You are locked in while you listen to your own words with an audience of other people. Those other people are pretty much just listening along as well. It is sort of strange to just sit in the chat session during that whole process and be ready to just answer questions along the way. It was less stressful and gave me a better chance to answer questions in real time. 

During the second day of the 2020 Ai4 digital conference I attended a few sessions. Here is the list of those sessions:

  • General Session Keynotes
  • At some point later, I want to watch the replay of, “The Fight for Fairness and Transparency in AI,” session 
  • A Comprehensive Guide to MLOps. Planning for the New Normal in a Time of COVID
  • I attended my own session that was billed as “Figuring out applied ML: Building frameworks and teams to operationalize ML at scale” which was really my “Applied ML ROI – Understanding ML ROI from different approaches at scale” talk
  • AI Learning & Development Panel
  • I’m going to try to watch, “Data at REST? Unlocking Data from REST APIs,” later. I missed it this time around.
  • Ethical AI Digital Assistants

During the third day of the 2020 Ai4 digital conference I’m going to probably get to listen to fewer sessions, but it has been fun so far. 

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