Being a better AI beat writer

Earlier today I realized my duties as a solid AI/ML beat writer were not being fulfilled. Nobody appointed me as the best AI beat writer ever in the history of online publications, but that should be clear enough. Ok finding the right amount of hubris should not be a problem. Maybe doing a little bit of writing to back it up would be a good place to start. For a few months I took the time to sit down and follow everything AI online with a vengeance. The output of that was a series of daily video deep dives into news stories via YouTube. It was fun and it was for better or worse the video version of writing daily beat coverage. It was humbling in some ways. The amount of content that springs up every day is massive. Keeping up with it and trying to provide grounded coverage on emerging trends and covering topics required a lot of thought. It was about more than reacting to the stream of things that were happening in the world. Most of it was about separating ridiculous hype from what was actually possible.

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