On Vendor Management

I was going to write down a few thoughts about vendor management this morning. The results of that endeavor were mixed. This writing endeavor may need to happen again in the form of an academic literature review…

Contracting services from another company seems to be happening more and more. Most modern companies work with a number of vendors. Some of those contracts are larger than others. Some of the relationships require a little more work than others. A few of the contracts are so large that a company might designate an employee to engage in vendor management. I have tried to put together a few thoughts on this subject for some time. Most of my attempts have ended up in a false start. They have ended up in the digital equivalent of a crumpled up piece of paper. I might as well have just pressed the delete key.

The hardest part about engaging in vendor management usually involves getting the right evidence to make solid evidence based decisions. Most of the relationships end up being all about the data and the outcomes. The process of how those data and outcomes becomes a secondary consideration. I really want to spend some time writing about vendor recovery and how to help turn the corner. That may be a topic that I commit some time to writing about toward the end of the month.

Right now my thoughts are a little fragmented. Yesterday wore me out. I ran my miles and am doing well physically, but emotionally I am tired. Yes — I’m still wearing the Fitbit Surge super fitness watch every day. Only a few people have asked about the watch throughout the last two weeks. Most of them thought it was a Samsung product. They wanted to know how I liked wearing a smartwatch. Throughout the last two weeks nobody has recognized the watch as a Fitbit product.

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