Steal that moment

Steal that moment. You know the one. That moment when doing nothing happened. Take it back. Be present in that moment. My research interests have shifted. I’m working on real-time economic modeling. This new research thread combines my interests in game theory, data mining, and economics. I have set a 30 day clock on sketching out a theory. Goals help drive things forward, but deadlines draw a line in the sand.

That line in the sand can make all the difference. Being on the right side of the line can define the path forward. Being on the wrong side of the path provides an opportunity. It provides an opportunity to change directions. Sometimes an idea strikes in an instant. That idea can make it easier to change directions. Unfolding the idea into something that can be explained in a written form can be difficult. The simple expression of a complex idea tends to define mastery of that idea. Knowing a path forward and walking that path are two separate things.

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