On complex decision making

My thoughts have wondered to writing a treatise on decision making capacity. A union of modern approaches to game theory, complexity theory, and strategic decision making mixed with some evaluation of decision making capacity could be an interesting read. That is what has occupied my thoughts this morning. My book shelf is full of strategic decision making and game theory books. Some of them are interesting and some of them are very dry. The academy at large contains even more considerations of those topics. However, we tend to hit an overwhelming limit to what we can work with at any one time. The stream of available content has outpaced our capacity to consume it. That is a true structural problem. It might be a problem that came into existence during the intersection of technology and modernity. We have a limited amount of capacity to tackle really complex problems. We can build extremely complex computational models and have computers execute them. Those simulations of decision making via computer models produce outputs. Those outputs could be accepted by others. They could be accepted by people that are not familiar with the models. Those outputs could be layered in decisions that are being made. That would results in previous simulations that may or may not be repeatable being used to make decisions. In some ways, that creates the potential of simulacrums in decision making.

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