All those tempting black Friday deals are out of control

Throughout the last week — deals, previews of deals, and leaks about deals have flooded my inbox. Overall, the sheer volume of deals competing with each other during this window of time is really out of control. The public mind only has so much attention to behold and process all these deals. It really is about the attention merchants trying to grind out their share of a highly finite commodity. Beyond just getting people’s attention the matter of translating that attention into financial action still exists. People only have so much bandwidth to buy things during the now two week long black Friday deal window. That makes it even more problematic for the companies trying to convert deals into transactions. At this point, I just sort of look at the emails and sometimes click the links. The only deals I ended up buying were for a couple 4K movies from Best Buy. They were pure impulse purchases. I probably ended up purchasing them due to the sale price. The content at the regular price had never compelled me into making a purchase before. To that end I guess the email and the deal worked. Apparently, the market for selling physical entertainment media is shrinking. For better or worse, I still buy Blu-ray discs and probably will keep doing so until our cable company removes the monthly data caps. 

Sitting down to write a second paragraph seemed an inspired thing to do. It may not have been the best decision of the day. At the moment, I’m watching a video on YouTube from Andertons music company featuring some black Friday deals on Jackson guitars. They look pretty amazing, but my next guitar purchase is pretty much set in stone at this point. I have been looking at the Chapman guitars ML3 BEA for some time. Sometime next year it will be mine. Right now, my arsenal of guitars includes three that I play on regular basis. First, my main guitar is a modified Fender Stratocaster. Second, for those times that I need a Les Paul guitar one sits next to me in my office. Third, now recently repaired my original circa 1995 Jackson Kelly modified guitar is up and running. The Floyd Rose on that one needed a couple new parts to get back to a reasonable floating state. A ton of tempting black Friday deals are out and about today. I just cleared around 30 of them out of my Inbox before writing this paragraph. Sure, this one was not as creative or constructive as my normal blocks of prose, but it was here and now it is done.  

Generally, within my weblog (blog) posts I do not insert direct links to things. I try to use all the words necessary to describe the linked item. That should help anybody with a reasonable understanding of searching the internet locate the link or item. These works will remind the same, but the internet is a current of ever-changing content that inevitably will leave my links broken and otherwise stale. For things in the moment my platform of choice is Twitter. That seems to be a good platform for in the moment shouting into the grand public commons that is the internet. At the moment, Twitter seems to be the largest public commons dedicated to people shouting at each other. Everything else is smaller in size at the moment or dedicated to other purposes. 

Oh yeah, I forget to mention that yesterday a viewing of, “Ralph Wrecks the Internet,” was on the agenda. If you enjoyed the first movie, or the Lego movie, then you probably will enjoy the film. 

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