The important part of knowing

Today got off to a pretty decent start. I’m ready to get things done. It is one of those days. Let’s get right into the topic at hand and not waste a moment more on introductions…

Generally pretending that all of my online posts do not exist is how I got about things from day to day. It is a lot of online content to just ignore, but I really do just ignore it. Honestly, it is not like I spend a lot of time going back and reading my things that were previously written and posted online. It is much easier to sit down and focus on what will be than it is to sit around and review my notes and observations about passed events. Perhaps that is why I’m always much more interested in what is next than what I’m doing in the moment. That framework can be problematic and being a reflective practitioner is an important part of knowing how to move forward while improving and growing. Knowing that does not generally change my strategy of just pretending all my online posts are never really read or shared. 

The very thing that made me think about that last night was the act of sharing some conference content on my social media channels. Posting that type of personal advertisement seems to make things real for me and I’m always just striving to do my very best instead of trying to be the loudest voice in the room. One of the principal reasons that I am willing to engage in public speaking at conferences is the opportunity to engage with people who I would not normally talk to on a daily basis. Mixing it up and talking to a diverse group of people with new opinions and thoughts on things is a hugely beneficial element of attending conferences. 

Having short very focused conversations on topics that were just discussed can be very rewarding. It is like the stage is set with a shared perspective on things that allows people to get to the point of very deep and meaningful conversation very quickly. This topic was another note that I wrote down in my Google Keep application to spend some time thinking about yesterday at the end of the day. That strategy of keeping a fresh topic list does appear to be working out pretty well. Later this evening I’m going to need to run through my virtual presentation a couple of times using the Google Recorder to capture the audio. That will allow me to listen to a few variations of the talk back to back. I’m hoping that exercise will help refine the content presentation a little more in some of the sections that need to be a little more dynamic. 

The important part of knowing the value of working with others is understanding how the engagement continues on in the future. A conversation can echo on in the form for my conversation or even a little bit of sparked imagination. Ideas that continue on grow and spread in unexpected ways. Sharing things with others that have the potential to grow and continue to spread is a rewarding part of it. You can tell that the last few thoughts are divergent from my general philosophy of pretending that my online post and presentations don’t really exist. Intellectually I know those two positions are not consistent, but at the same time that does not stop me from muddling through on a daily basis simply working on what is next instead of curating a basket of previous thoughts. Once it is said like that I don’t really see any other way of saying it in a meaningful way.

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