Illusively succinct

Focusing today on the topic at hand seems to be illusive. My thoughts are wandering from thing to thing without really locking into anything specific. It seemed like a good idea to turn up the music this morning and really try to lean into the practice of daily writing to start and organize the day. We will see where things go today, but at the moment things seem to just be stacking up a little bit instead of progressing forward. Maybe a bit of organizing things into the possible and things that might need to marinate a little bit longer will help clear things up this morning. Earlier this month I started to refocus on the notion of working on academic papers and really focusing my energy and efforts into that enterprise. The topic that I have spent the most time researching is the rise of open source MLOps enterprises on GitHub. Formalizing that into a research paper would be pretty easy to achieve. It might be a 10 to 12 page effort or it could end up being a much longer project if the right amount of literature review is included. 

Getting going on that is going to be about picking the right right template and setting out to complete a final product. Alternatively, I’m thinking about becoming a reviewer at a few journals to give back to the academic community in a way beyond just writing articles. Later today I’m going to pick a few academic journals that I like reading and start that process of becoming a reviewer. Ok, I stopped writing and started working on that this morning.

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