Working with all that leftover data

Yesterday I was wondering about just deleting my data archives. Over the last 20 years I have accumulated so much data. Sure most of it is backed up to the cloud and the writing part of it is a very slim section of the overall data. I was considering just wiping it all and starting over. My thoughts then drifted to a few thoughts about what I might miss after that great data purge. I might need my writing archives, photos, and videos. Maybe keeping all my photos and family videos would be a good thing to actually complete. From what I know all 3 sets of that data are backed up to a couple of clouds and I have alternate copies. I’m not sure why I went to all of that trouble to keep all of that data. We used to print our favorite photographs and share them in books with people. Nobody is going to want to look through 20 or 30 thousand digital photos. They are not even shared online anymore. At one point, all of my digital photos were posted on Flickr or just shared in an online directory. I have considered bringing back a digital photograph section of my weblog to share content. I’m not talking about sharing all my photos this time around, but it would be good to share the ones that people might enjoy or use as a desktop background.

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