Triggering a miracle year

A lot of my time in the last couple of days has been spent trying to figure out what sets the stage for extreme productivity. Triggering a miracle year seems impossible. Facilitating the conditions for a miracle year seems reasonable. Either way the idea of having a creative outburst large enough to constitute a miracle year seems beyond chance, but the conditions around the occurrence have become keenly of interest to me. To that end I have been trying to figure out how to plant the right seeds and what conditions they would need to help set up a miracle year. Earlier this week I even considered if getting into a miracle year mode of work would require a return to shark mode or some type of hyperactive constant working. My main guess is that some combination of deep thinking and situational awareness is required. The right spark at the right time for it has to be a key part in making it work. You have to look right at the edge of what is possible and communicate beyond it. Something has to give to translate what is next broadly and completely. Just grabbing a glimpse beyond the edge of what is possible would only be speculative. Firmly taking that step beyond the edge of what is possible is what pushes things forward beyond the here and now.

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