Today is the last day of 2020

Well the last day of 2020 is finally here. Donuts have been ordered. That was an exciting thing to type up on the screen. In fairness to the inadequate nature of those words in describing my emotion, donuts are generally exciting, but these donuts somehow were more. My two shots of espresso were made without hesitation this morning and are perhaps not providing me with enough clarity to really capture my thoughts at the moment. The Nespresso Expert machine located in the kitchen is still running well enough. It has been a solid purchase. You can now pick up Nespresso pods at Target if you forget to order enough of them so that has smoothed out any unnecessary supply disruptions. Watching the backward linkages of supply chains fill in over time might be exciting in terms of seeing economic theory come alive, but generally giving the speed of shipping Nespresso pods it is also very useful in a highly practical way.

One of the things I have been watching on YouTube has been Geoff Wilson’s “Sports Card Investor” podcast/show for the last few months. Today it featured an interview with Dr. James Beckett who has a podcast. It took me about 30 seconds after hearing about it to find the “Dr. James Beckett: Sports Card Insights” podcast and subscribe to it from the Google Podcasts application.  

Topic: Writing goal for 2021

My goal for 2021 is to actively work on some deeper writing projects. It might not end up being a big writing year, but it could and should be a very productive writing year. 

Topic: Articles I’m actively working on right now

1. Voting rate comparison between in person and mail ballot states
2. Polling accuracy across voting methods
3. Executive cross pollination from consulting groups
4. Polling methodology literature review
5. Political debt vs. technical debt
6. Machine learning model mesh confounding
7. A five week wine aroma training program
8. Synthetic data generation pitfalls

Topic: Thinking about getting a baritone guitar

My big guitar purchase plan for 2021 is to get a baritone guitar. The Chapman guitars team has created a few different models that look pretty good. One of them could very well end up being my new guitar purchase for 2021.

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