Those committed routines

Yesterday I started thinking about all the titles of books that I would like to read, but have not been authored by anybody at this time. Yeah, I was pretty much just inventing book titles. I’m not exactly sure how that topic bubbled to the forefront of my thoughts. It is an interesting thought exercise to try to figure out what types of things should be written. It also gives me the opportunity to go out and look for specific books that just might exist, but I had no idea had been written. It is entirely possible that things were written and I have no idea they were published. That goes for both books and academic journal articles. So much content has been produced that it is relatively hard to keep up with the highlights. It is next to impossible to keep up with the totality of publishing. One person simply cannot keep up anymore. Fragmentation has also made it hard to even get a solid line of sight into all the content. On the academic journal front you have to have access to the right digital libraries to see the bulk of it and it is almost all hidden behind subscriptions. 

After next week I’m trying to figure out how to allocate my time. Some of that time could very well be spent on a few different things. I’m curious about potentially finishing up some fiction efforts or maybe really digging into writing that real-time economic indicator piece of software. It is entirely possible I’ll have time for both of those efforts. The big piece of the puzzle is just staying focused and getting things done. Today started with a cup of coffee. It was one of those days without shots of espresso. I’m still pretty committed to waking up and writing at the start of my day. That is the routine I’m committed to fulfilling. Drinking some type of coffee and writing are the routines that have my commitment at the start of the day. That is a good way to think about making sure both of those things happen every day. 

Today I need to practice delivering that presentation a few times and really focus in on refining the important points being communicated. It should be pretty easy to work that out and use the Google Recorder application to make it possible to listen back to the effort. Taking the time to review the practice recordings is the important part of refining the presentation.  

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