Thinking about backup internet

Last night I watched the entire presidential debate from start to finish. Even that could not shake me from the disappointment of a 13 hour internet outage previously in the day. It was listed as a planned outage, but it lasted past lunchtime on Tuesday. The interesting part was that you could tell the cellar network was getting heavy usage from all the people switching to hotspots in the area to keep working. It was one of those days where I had to move to my backup internet access plan. I’m glad that we have a backup internet strategy, but I was a little surprised it had to be utilized for so long. Using the hotspot on a smartphone creates the possibility of connecting to the internet for the most critical devices in the house, but I do not have one of those backup devices that connect to the actual internet network in the house. Some of these devices exist where you plug into the network and the device just waits until the internet goes out then it takes over at a much slower speed. Yesterday was one of those days where I really did contemplating getting some type of backup internet appliance. Using a smartphone to connect a laptop or computer via wireless internet is probably the right way to manage things, but it is not the only way that is possible. With more people working from home I’m wondering if backup internet options are growing in the marketplace based on demand.

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