The one where some new hot sauce arrived

Yesterday I wrote a couple extra paragraphs while messing around with the newly installed PowerDirector software. You can find those wonderful words at the end of the post from Monday July 27, 2020. It would have been easy enough to cut and paste those words into the post for today, but that would have stolen a little bit of the purpose of having a daily writing habit. It was the wrong path to take and it was a path avoided. My writing process right now involves three distinct steps. First, I’m writing in a Google Docs words processing document instead of using Microsoft Word. I just prefer Google Docs right now for general writing. Microsoft Word still gets booted up for anything more substantial. Second, during this new daily writing streak at the end of output part of my writing session I have been going back to the first line and giving the entire piece of prose some general editing and proofreading. That is a new feature of my writing experience. It seems ever since turning 40 happened this year my interest in proofreading has gone up substantially. Those two things seem highly correlated, but I’m not sure what drove the causation on that one. Third, after the writing and editing process the next thing that happens is the content is moved from Google Docs over to the weblog interface. I just cannot bring myself to write in the weblog interface. It has gotten better over the years, but for some inexplicable reason (maybe habit or routine) that interface just will not do for writing. 

Right now I’m sipping my two shots of espresso made with the Nespresso Expert machine in the kitchen and wondering what the Heatonist “The Classic Hot Sauce” garlic Fresno edition will taste like. It will probably taste like hot sauce with a lot of garlic in it, but the suspense is building. Truly figuring out the answer to that question is going to have to wait until lunchtime. I’m sure it will be delicious, but my first time using the hot sauce will be with lunch in a few hours. The purveyors of hot sauce over at the Heatonist corporation don’t mess around with the hot sauces they elect to curate. 

Over the last couple of years I have sampled a fair number of hot sauces from them and they all have been splendid. Some of them have been truly spicey, but that is probably the point of the enterprise. The cardboard box the hot sauce arrived in was well designed. I added a picture of the sauce as the featured image for this weblog post. To help with future continuity I have also started to paste the pictures used in posts into the word processing documents for safekeeping. A lot of my older weblog content is missing photos from when the links were broken during migrations. That is not something that is easy to go back and fix sadly enough. Somewhere in the basement a backup exists of that directory on a classic compact disc or maybe DVD. The last time I tried to grab data off the older backups it was a rather disappointing experience. A lot of the physical media had started to degrade at about a decade of storage. They were kept in temperature controlled rooms in the total darkness of media sleeves inside a box.  

Right now the sun has yet to come up and the writing process got started at 05:00 hours again today. My goals for the day are pretty straightforward. I’m going to work on editing a hiking video for a little bit in PowerDirector and I’m going to finish up the slides for that virtual presentation next month. Those two things will have my focus today and that is right where things should be in terms of queuing up the right workload.

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