That one with a bit of last day of the year musing

This will be based on the order of things; the last weblog post of the year. We have made it to the last day of the year and I’m sitting down to write with a couple hours available to me before the slate of college football starts today. It should be a really great day of watching college football. I’m ready to move over and start writing from the sofa at some point in the next two hours. Right now I’m working out of my office and pushing things forward.

I did spend some time this morning looking at maybe buying this laptop which happens to be on sale today. Generally, I just develop using my Pixelbook Go chromebook and that has been fine for me recently. It would probably be more fun to move over and use that laptop for a bit in 2023. We will see if I end up going that way later today and completing an order.

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