Sunday internet surfing notes

Times like these call for a bit of self reflection. Instead of thinking about the watershed moment going on outside the house I looked away from that moment and surfed the internet. Maybe that is how I needed to work things out to get more focused on things that matter materially to day to day existence. Every day the rise of technology drives us closer to the overlap between promise and modernity. None of that rise seems to be quelling the watershed moment sweeping the globe.

Outside of any real rethinking and reflection this morning a few minutes of my time were spent watching YouTube guitar related videos and surfing future guitar purchases. Two guitars stand out in my view. I will probably purchase both of them at some point. That purchase will probably not happen imminently, but it will probably happen. At this point in my journey I have been buying a guitar every year. 


Chapman Rabea Massaad Signature ML3 BEA Baritone Pro in Irithyll Burst

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