Strange Denver weather

This weekend has been full of things happening that were unrelated to writing. My office is exceedingly clean. Seriously, I spent half a day picking it up. Comic books were bagged and boarded before being stored in the right order no less. A large tub of stuff from the basement was even sorted and cleaned out. The carpet was vacuumed really well and things are now just picked up in the office. Outside the house things are a different story. Denver is covered in smoke again this year from a different wildfire. This time around it is the Cameron Peak fire and it happens to be over 34,000 acres in size burning Northwest of Denver. Generally during my years in Colorado this does not happen like this where just going outside is akin to standing near a campfire. Air quality outside of the house at the moment is not very good. Probably the strangest part of it all is the potential 75 degree temperature swing that is predicted with a winter weather advisory for this week. Obviously, none of that should really interfere with the writing process, but that does not appear to be the case. Logic is being defeated by outside forces that defy reasonability on a daily basis.

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