Starting the day

Right now I’m entirely focused on starting the day. Today could be an absolutely wonderful day. Completing a meaningful writing session this morning almost did not happen. At the moment, I have no coffee or espresso. A gap in planning has obviously occurred. My Soylent meal replacement beverage does contain caffeine, but that is never really the same. Two freshly brewed shots of espresso are sort of my way to start the day. That is not going to happen at the moment. I’m really hung up on that one little detail. It seems to be blocking the start of my day in an unexpected way. Those little parts of our routines can feel so important at times. Making sure the day starts off in the right way is a very important part of my daily writing routine. I’m going to need to change subjects here and jump into something more weighty. It is a few minutes after 05:00 hours. I still have a bunch of time before sunrise to utilize for the purposes of writing. That time would be better spent thinking deeply about something instead of wondering about what would have been with two wonderful freshly brewed shots of espresso. Seriously, even wondering about wonder would be a better use of my time at the moment. 

At some point next week, I’m going to sit down and edit some 4K video recorded on my new Sony ZV-1 camera. I managed to collect a bunch of nature B-roll footage that could be spliced together well enough to make a complete video. The last time I really edited a video was on my smartphone using the PowerDirector android application. Strangely enough it is really easy to put clips together and trim video segments down using a touchscreen. Next week I’m going to sit down and work using the desktop editor. Sometimes having more features is just having more features and it introduces unnecessary complexity. I’m sure it will become pretty clear pretty fast how the editing process will go. I did learn how to use Avid’s Pro Tools First software package for recording and editing music without a ton of effort. Maybe the video editing will go better than the experience that I’m expecting. One of the nice things about platforms like YouTube is that people have made tutorials for just about everything. Being able to have somebody provide training and walk through the use of something is really something not to take for granted. It is one of the bright spots of collaboration on the internet. 

Figuring out some of the quirks of the Sony ZV-1 camera has required watching all sorts of videos to get things running properly. The manuals Sony has are seriously lacking and really weirdly written compared to what you would expect to get. I would offer to help Sony figure out how to make better manuals, but they could just trade the cameras to all the online influences they work with in exchange for making better user tutorial videos for the various products. That would be a method of crowdsourcing higher quality manuals for products. That is probably the better path forward for the Sony corporation. It is a path they should probably get working on pretty quickly.

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