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Today started with snow in Denver. Yesterday I went ahead and put my rather custom Jackson Kelly guitar back in the basement. It had not been played in some time and needed to go back into storage. At the moment, I’m swapping mostly between the Chapman ML3 Bea and a custom Fender Deluxe stratocaster build. Both of those guitars sit here to my left ready to play at a moment’s notice. Actually turning on the amp and pedalboard is a lot more work. This morning I spent part (over an hour) of my day off watching a video about Klon overdrive pedals from JHS.[1] Right now at the moment my guitar pedal board consists of 8 pedals. None of those pedals is a Klon or a copy of that type of pedal. That works out just fine for me and my random ambient jamming at the moment. I did spend some type looking at Klon type pedals on the internet again. The one pedal that caught my attention some type ago was the Mjolnir from Mythos Pedals. It looked pretty good and people really seemed to like it. 

[1] From JHS Pedals on YouTube, “LIVE: Everything You Need to Know About the Klon Centaur Overdrive,”

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