Some short missives

People seem to be reading some Twitter archives again from 2012. I guess my short missives from that time period were pretty interesting. That is entirely possible that maybe those older posts are just better. Throughout 2020 I have been trying to improve my written communication skills and daily blogging has been a part of that effort. Just yesterday I was notified that my 123-day posting streak is still going strong and that was great news. That means that my daily writing habit is well on its way to being entrenched as a part of my routine. Switching to writing at the start of the day was the key to the whole enterprise this time around. Generally I would write about things at the very end of the day. This does generate very different types of content. One of the things I’m struggling with now is that the ongoing writing process is producing a series of short missives instead of larger blocks of prose. At some point, I need to get back to writing very long form essays and blocks of prose that are unyieldingly long and overwhelming.

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