Shark mode

Recently I have been feeling the need to get back to shark mode. For the last few months I have been willing to sit around a lot more than should be allowed or acceptable. My routine needs to be based on always working on something. That is where things need to go moving forward. It has to be about picking up the pace of writing and picking an academic discipline to focus on moving forward. Picking an specific academic discipline to focus on will take some time. I have moved from twenty years of study about public policy and administration focused on local government administration to going down some very specific machine learning paths. The coding part of the endeavor is probably meaningful any way things end up landing. 

Right now I’m thinking about a list of very deep literature reviews that could be completed. The output from that effort has to be some type of study or major coding project. My academic training really focused on survey research and that could be one way to go. It would be easy enough to go really inside baseball and look at the types of survey research that intersected with machine learning focused papers. That might be a good place to start. Earlier this year I spent a lot of time working with GPT-2 and thinking about GPT-3 in terms of both functionality and ethics. 

I’m going to end up focusing on reading machine learning literature reviews this week. It should be easy enough to find 2-3 literature reviews published in peer reviewed journals and use that as the basis of trying to move forward. Sometimes really digging into foundational areas of a topic can help focus a research trajectory. I’ll try to sign post references along the way throughout the journey. It does appear that Google Docs does now have a citation feature and that might help. 

I’m seriously questioning why so much of my time is spent backing up data.

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