Sadly Saturday

Starting a garage sale this morning set my writing routine back a little bit. I’m really getting going here about 2 hours after my normal writing window throughout the last 125 days. Donuts from 5280 Donuts were also consumed. Sure that probably did not help the production of pose this morning, but it did happen and they were delicious donuts. 

My search for an NVIDIA 30 series graphics card is ongoing… round one of the search did not end up going very well. Maybe on 9/24 things will go better. I’m not hopeful about it, but the team over at NVIDIA might learn and implement improvements from last week. Seriously this launch has been bungled and rather terrible. People want to buy the devices and the company is oddly incapable of actually selling them to the people. 

It took a few hours of effort to enter my entire wine collection into CellarTracker. Right now I’m using both Vivino and the CellarTracker applications. That is a case where two companies should merge features or at least database backends. One had a degree of depth and review that the other seems to be missing at times.

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