Removing all that clutter

My desk is covered in all kinds of stuff today. Throughout the week for some reason I let all sorts of clutter get placed on this desk. Today just might have to be a day devoted to removing clutter. Today will for the most part be spent inside the house. A wide variety of things need to be worked on today. This week things just stacked up and that needs to be resolved. Yesterday I even shifted my guitars from the left side of my rack to the right side. That means things are changing and I’m one of those moods where the things around me are about to get moved around. My efforts to remove all the clutter around me really do come in waves. It happens from time to time. Looking back at some of my desk photos from the last 20 years I have made my fair share of nests of stuff. All of my focus and attention was on what was being created and none of my attention was on the clutter being accumulated around me while I was working. Either I have become a little more grown up and now want a clean environment or I lost that edge that helped me focus no matter what was going on around me. 

Things don’t have to be perfect to sit down and write. You just need a little opportunity that includes some time and a device capable of capturing thoughts. Maybe I could make a list today of every laptop that has ever been owned by me. It took me about 15 minutes by searching some of my older weblog posts to make the list of 8 devices below:

  1. Hewlett-Packard (HP) Pavilion ze5300 laptop
  2. Sony VAIO VGN-T250P laptop
  3. Dell Studio 1535 laptop
  4. HP Envy X2 11t-g010nr (hybrid 2 in 1 tablet with detachable keyboard)
  5. Google Nexus 9 tablet (it had keyboard type book sleeve)
  6. ASUS Chromebook Flip C101P
  7. ASUS Chromebook Flip C302
  8. Google Pixelbook Go

Some of those computing devices had better runs than others. I remember carrying that HP Pavilion ze5300 all over the place. It was the loudest device I ever owned. It was like a fan powered tornado with a screen. It looks like on eBay I could buy another one for $75, but oddly enough the power supply alone seems to be worth about $20. All of the proprietary power supplies were hard to deal with back then and are probably even harder to figure out now. Oh no… the Pavilion ze5300 for sale on eBay is located in Denver. I almost bought it until the item specifics clearly called out the lack of a power pack. It could have been my ultimate Diable II gaming buddy.

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