Relatively in focus

Things are all lined up to write at the moment. My two shots of espresso happened. I’m sitting at my desk and listening to some Warren Zevon radio on Pandora. It just appears that I have no real interest in writing at the moment. Things are relatively in focus at the moment. I’m present in the moment and ready to take action, but nothing seems to be on my mind at this very moment. With so much turmoil in the broader world and the ongoing pandemic it should be fairly easy to find something to react to for a little bit of writing. The previous 103 words to start this writing session took a lot of effort and were forced. I went over to my notes in Google Keep and tried to find some type of story or nugget of inspiration. That did not work. I’m really close to going to the bookshelf and grabbing one of the old notebooks stalked together and starting to react to that ancient prose. This may very well be one of those days where one paragraph of stilted prose is getting posted and I’ll try to circle back to write a little more later on today.

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