Promise and possibility

These two shots of espresso are kicking in very slowly this morning. That moment that normally arrives of alert writing has not occurred yet. Things got a little deep yesterday. Over in the philosophically deep end of the intellectual swimming poll questions were everywhere.  It took a lot of focus to really think deeply about a few things, but that is what is required from time to time. Due to the upcoming holiday for Independence day today happens to be the last day of the work week. Later this evening I’m going to sit down and work on a few things. Before the holiday weekend starts I’m going to make sure to give blood. Given everything that is going on right now that is something that I can do to help the community. Things are starting to come into focus now as the day starts full of promise and possibility.

Recently, I started taking the time to opt out of unnecessary and unwanted emails and text messages. It does not take a lot of effort, but it seems to be working. Over the years, I have been put on so many email lists that it was easier to just filter and ignore them instead of trying to acknowledge opt out options. It seems that the option to out out has become more prevalent for legitimate companies.

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