On holiday during quarantine

My writing process today is a bit disjointed. Apologies are in order to all the readers of this post for all the slightly disjointed prose that follows. Generally my thoughts occur in a more structured way that allows for some sense of readability or logic. Perhaps a better way of saying that is my thoughts occur and are writing down in a stream of consciousness that is generally consumable. Today it seems like the call of a box of the “Patriotic Dozen” from a national donut chain is seriously distracting me. Seriously, at the amount it appears the bulk of my attention is on donuts and fireworks this morning. 

Later today (before sundown) we will sit down with popcorn, whatever donuts are leftover, and watch Will Smith’s 1996 classic science fiction film “Independence Day” on Blu-ray. We have a small temporary pool setup in the backyard and some water balloons. The pool is new this year, but watching the movie is pretty much non-negotiable. For the most part over the last decade or so we have only really had an internet connection the entire time and have gone major stretches of that time without a cable subscription. I might be one of the last people who still buys movies in physical form when they come out.

Independence Day is here. However, in this time of quarantine, all the fireworks displays are pretty much canceled in and around Denver tonight. A couple of shows are still going to happen based on the latest news, but being able to drive close enough to watch them would be a huge challenge and honestly is not well planned out so it could get pretty chaotic. We will probably be watching one of the televised firework shows tonight at home and eating more popcorn.

We are working very hard to actively engage in social distancing, but this has been a strange year so far and it just keeps going. Being on holiday during the time of quarantine is a new experience to manage and figure out. Normally the only things that cause the cancelation of Independence Day fireworks would be weather (rain or high winds) or a hazardous condition like fire danger. Things are different now and they seem to be staying that way this year. 

Distracted. Donuts.

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