Oh that planned outage

It appears sometime around 00:07 hours my internet providers decided to start a planned outage. That was six hours ago and things are not back online. Strangely enough I’m not sure I got any notice of the planned outage. A quick search of my email inbox via the power of the cellar network shows that no such notice arrived. I’m now curious how planned the planned outage actually was and what the policy is for notice to customers. I’m sure they are busy working on fixing whatever it was that needed to be fixed, but this seems like a very long outage for a Tuesday.  I’d show you a screenshot of that outage notice on my Google Pixel 4 XL smartphone, but the application prevents screenshots. I’m sure it does that for my protection, but it is rather annoying. It means that any details has to be fully communicated to others outside the power of a simplistic screenshot. Right now the only kids television shows we have this early in the morning are from PBS over the air (OTA) broadcasts on regular PBS and the PBS kids channel. That works out well enough. For some reason everybody was up bright and early before 06:00 hours this morning.

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