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To be understood. A certain power exists in being understood. 

Dear Reader, 

For the last few days I have taken my eye off the ball. In terms of writing and documenting the world around me my efforts have faltered. That in and of itself could be overcome, but in this case it was not even remotely handled well. It was a gap between thoughts that lasted much longer than it should have. A little over a month ago I subscribed to YouTube TV during a Monday night Kansas City Chiefs game. That decision brought a lot of news watching into my daily routine. I’m not sure that was productive or useful. Being in the moment right now and having a handle on everything that is going on is different than what the news presents. They are talking to people without a full understanding of what the respondent knows or believes. This requires them to reduce the framework for communication down to very simplistic platitudes and tropes. My tolerance for that type of communication is limited. Keeping current on the breaking news of the moment does not really provide you with anything particularly meaningful. That is the key element to consider in thinking about the difference between really understanding something and being aware of the latest version of it. 

Dr. Nels Lindahl
Broomfield, Colorado

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