Oh Thanksgiving

Right now I’m going to delete five applications from my Android smartphone that are not currently being used. The five applications that got removed included some scouting app, wizards unite, AMC theaters, a wave file editor, and schwans. It seemed like a good idea to just start at the bottom of the list and look for removal candidates. I’m not running out of storage space or anything like that type of system level restriction. This was a case of digital pruning. It was am example of cleaning things up. At the moment, I’m writing on the same device that just was involved in that act of cleaning. I’m not very comfortable writing without a full keyboard. This phone has a qwerty keyboard. I’m just not comfortable with it.

All my energy should be focused on this novel I’m about to right, but that is not happening at the moment. The document template is already setup. I could easily pull it up and work on that instead of this post. Maybe I should go totally old school blogger and just publish at the end of each writing session. Theoretically I could probably embed a Google Doc directly in the post and people could watch the creativity occur in real time. That would probably lend itself or a weekly audio recording of the previous 7 days of content. 

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