Some Saturday thoughts

Ok — I’m ready to admit that the thought of buying GameStop ($GME) stock occurred to me this week. Rationality kicked in and prevented me from buying, but the fear of missing out on such a wild ride was very real. It seemed like people were doing wild things and it was difficult not to keep checking to see what was happening. The swings were spectacular, but not tied to anything related to the actual operations of the business. That is what kept me out of the whole adventure. Something macro related is definitely going on beyond just a few stocks being impacted. It will be interesting (if not scary) to see what happens in the next few months.

My productivity this week has been on an upward swing. I planned out the next 12 weeks of Substack posts. That meant putting together a list of topics that would receive weekly coverage. The target on each one of those is a Friday publication date generally before bedtime.[1] Yesterday, I set up and published my first submission to the Substack platform. It was somewhat exciting at the time. I timed the content to release both here on the weblog and on the Substack platform at the exact same time. This content here is archived and will presumably continue to exist for years. I have no idea what will happen to Substack in 5 years. I have a proven history of outlasting platforms over the last 20 years. That seems to be a fact of digital life. Some things that seemed like they would be around forever 20 years ago are long since gone. Some of them were really great and failed… some of them were just eaten by other things along the way. 


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