Moments of extreme questioning

We all face those moments of extreme questioning. Those moments happen from time to time in the day to day grind of life and sometimes they can be really useful. When I look back on the last 10 days or so of my writing output it is categorically bad (unredeemable dribble). Unfortunately, that makes it not very useful prose. To that end you will notice a gap in my publishing of thoughts. This year I have been rethinking the grand effort of blogging. My thoughts have centered on the potential creation of more personal content. It might be easier to really dig in and write some tighter observational based prose, but that feels disjointed to my natural stream of consciousness style of writing. For better or worse, I tend to sit down and write about the things that catch my attention in the moment. Inherently that means at the moment a spark of creativity hits I need to sit down and put words to paper or the window of creation will be missed. 

That last paragraph was droning on and on and a new one had to be started. That is where we are right now at the start of the second paragraph of writing for the day that is wholesale about the stoppage of the first passage of writing. That first passage centered on questioning and this passage focuses on something more definitive in nature. It centers on the moment of focus. It is the moment between continuation and idea generation. It is not a moment of working along the way from the start to the finish. It is so much more in terms of awareness of the moment and the nature of things at this specific part of the journey. To that end I’m aware and ready to do something, but that something has not been really brought into focus yet as a decision has not exactly been made to do that next thing. Within that context perhaps it is easier to just sustain the status quo and procrastinate. Obviously writing during the moment of intellectual procrastination seems like a dicey proposition. To both be creating and moving along the path to advance the journey and engaging in the irreverent act of procrastination based prose creation seems inherently questionable. That is probably the case. It is probably the exact question that needs to be answered. It is the question that helps move along the path or generally questions the path. 

Right now I’m sitting at my keyboard writing in front of my Corsair Air 740 cube shaped computer case. It’s sitting on top of an aluminum briefcase. That seems like a good second career for a briefcase that is no longer needed for any traveling or caring related purpose. My writing skills are now awake and I’m sitting in the middle of a stream of consciousness that is being translated from internal monologue to keyboard driven input. Each stroke of the keyboard is just a part of the process of thinking, wondering, and questioning. Really this post could at this moment of time go in a wide variety of directions. That open promise is perhaps the most redeeming part of the process. It really makes directing the energy of the moment toward something positive a key part of being in the moment.      

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