Moving along slowly

Sometimes getting everything ready is just the start of a presentation driven adventure. The writing process took a little bit of time to get started today. It has been about 20 minutes since the start of things and I’m 3 sentences into my efforts for today. Things started a little earlier today than usual. I figured it was better to get up and start writing than to try to sleep for 30 more minutes. I’m pretty focused on my notes and observations about the presentation that was prepared. I’m going to really clean my office after this presentation is done and try to get some of the clutter picked up from the edges. A lot of stuff is just hanging out in boxes and stored around the edges of my office. Now is as good of a time as any to really clean out the unnecessary stuff and get things a little more picked up around my working area. You know it is a bad sign when my thoughts start wondering about cleaning up my office. That is generally a leading indicator that some type of procrastination is about to arrive. I’m going to try to use my years of experience to deflect that incoming procrastination and focus on delivering that presentation one time this morning and maybe a couple times this evening. Generally I don’t deliver the practice runs at full volume to help preserve my voice as much as possible. 

The Pandora internet streaming radio algorithm powering my Warren Zevon station is picking some great songs today. Listening to some great music has so far been the big highlight today. Sunrise is probably about 45 minutes away and that will officially start the day, but my ability to deeply focus on things seems to be limited at the moment. At the moment, clearing my mind and preparing to focus on something is not really the problem. The problem revolves around knowing what I need to focus on and not really wanting to spend all of my energy and focus on that one thing. That happens from time to time and is one of the harder things to overcome. It becomes easier to just focus on whatever pops up and staying grounded and focused on the thing that needs focus just becomes harder and harder. This is one of the cycles that you have to learn to deal with over time. Sometimes the introduction of a deadline or breaking the task up into parts can help make it easier to stay laser focused on the task at hand. 

Strangely enough I did not take any notes yesterday for topics to cover today. The day was spent working on things, but no major things jumped out and needed to be noted. Things around me at the moment are perfectly calm and the world is silent. It is the perfect environment to sit down and write and focus. That does not appear to be providing the kindling to spark any great waves of imagination or discovery. Maybe today is one of those days where you just have to execute the tasks in front of you and move along. That is not a recipe to make a dent in the metaphorical universe Steve Jobs style, but it is a method to keep muddling through toward tomorrow. Instead of just muddling through it should be a time to take decisive steps toward a perfect possible future with strong intention to do good, but that type of intentional effort does not appear to be happening at the moment. Right now I’m going to post this weblog post and get back to working on that presentation for the next hour.

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