Maxed out creativity

Some weblog design changes had to be made yesterday. First, the very top header image had to be set back to active on the site. Something that has not happened very often occurred and it was aesthetically awkward. The plugin that allows advertisements to be placed pretty much anywhere on the page was causing trouble. That was easy enough to fix, but it took me a few minutes of starting at the half empty page to figure it out. Traffic has been coming into this weblog in spurts this year. Generally speaking my writing is here mostly just for my own amusement. I sit down and write for the express purpose of creating prose. The output is the point in this case. Sure the process of creating the prose helps me think and put my ideas in order for the day. Most of the time when I sit down to write in the back of my mind I can hear my voice saying the words that are about to be written out on the page. Sometimes when I really get into the groove the words are appearing on the screen at a fast enough rate that it is like I’m reading them instead of hearing them spoken out loud. That is generally a sign of a good day where creativity is going to be maxed out. In some ways that is the goal of this whole endeavor to max out creativity on a daily basis. Mixed into that effort is solving problems and working toward a perfect possible future. 

Interrupted. Shenanigans.

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