Just one of those days

Here we go. I’m already way to ready for the weekend to start. Friday is just barely starting and I’m already looking ahead of my entire day. I’m staring at 05:00 hours on the clock and wondering what this day is going to throw at me. It took a few minutes to get going today. During the course of sitting down to write about 15 minutes have passed where other things sort of happened for a little bit and the writing process did not start. Like it did not even come close to getting started. Things ground to a halt and I was not sure what was going to happen. It is one of those Friday morning gutcheck moments where creativity has failed and the adventure awaits somebody willing to strive forward. Obviously in this distinct iteration of words no striving is occurring in a forward direction. My hesitation to write is like throwing cold water on that adventure. That is pretty much where we are at right now. Things are cold and wet from all that spilled water and nothing is really happening. The last 150 words or so have been terse and otherwise forced into existence. One keystroke at a time I was hoping that things would pick up speed and this would be a better writing session. My hopes for something good to happen this time around came up empty. Almost as intellectually hollow and vacuously unrefined as this paragraph remains.  

A 97-day publishing streak continues…

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